Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spin Off

Some video of Ty and Tish having a "spin off" at crystal beach park today. I have never seen this done before so I nearly peed myself when I watched these two compete. So funny.

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Fav Website

Kara told me about this awesome website, http://www.scrapblog.com/ , I love it! I made my new header there and these pics which can also be used as headers.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

GW's 2nd birthday party

Yes it's true, Graydon is two. We celebrated a few weeks ago with a Thomas the Train party! It was alot of fun with great family and friends.

Cupcakes for everyone!!!!

Thanks for all the gifts. GW loves them all!
Nena hiding in the dark.

Oh come on Nonny, it's not that bad. Cole and Jarrett catching up on all the latest baby gossip!

Ben giving the camera attitude! BBQ outside and playing in the dirt!

Christmas in Febuary

Graydon playing Santa and delivering a present. Checking out what's inside his stocking!

Thomas and more Thomas / Pillows and toy box

Future B-Ball star!

I know I know! I finally got these pics developed. This past Christmas we spent in Arkansas with my Mom and Dad. We had a blast and of course Santa Claus was very generous to Graydon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

4 Glorious Yrs

Yesterday was mine and Tyrel's 4th wedding anniversary. Wow four years with the same man. J/K. I love this man so incredibly much. Tyrel isn't into the blog thing so I doubt he will read this but just in case he does I better give a quick shout out.
Honey I love you so much. You know at first we didn't hit it off, you didn't even ask for my number after our first date, but things work out for a reason. I am glad you finally called me. We have been together just about everyday since then and life has been amazing. We got married after 2yrs of dating and after 2wks of marriage, you moved me to Woodward Oklahoma (tornado season). Boy did we think that was the end of our marriage huh! I thought you moved me to the end of the earth and I was MAD. We said that if our marriage could survive the move we could get through anything. We sure were naive to think that moving would be the biggest hurdle to jump together. I actually survived living here (a true miracle) and 2 yrs later we were having our first baby. Yet another HUGE hurdle. We were first time parents with no family near by. I love my son dearly but the first few months were very straining on us. But we got through that and a year later we found out we were expecting again and again 10 months after that. Babe you know this past year has been excrutiating for us both. I could not have made it through without you. You have been by my side through every up and down even when you were going through your own ups and downs. You have held me when I felt I couldn't go on and cheered when I finally did. I thank you for the husband you are and the amazing dad also. God knew exactly what I would need when He created you! I love you BOOG!

Happy Birthday Baby

Graydon Wayne Pickard
Feb. 12th, 2007 4:35pm
8.05 oz 20 1/2 in

I can't believe it has been two years already. My sweet baby boy is now two years old. The past 2 yrs have been rough but there is no way we could've gotten through them without our little man. We love you so much Graydon Wayne.

From belly to baby in 16 hours!

Bare with me

So it's been awhile since I blogged last, SORRY. We have been busy lately. I don't have all my pics developed yet so just bare with me. Christmas and birthday pics will come later I promise.

Anyway, this is what my son has been up to lately. The story goes, I was doing something, I can't remember for the life of me what, for maybe 15 minutes while Graydon was playing, or so I thought. As I go to lay Graydon down for his nap a bit later, this is what I find.

The next day I find this. And so on. Each day for the past week or two I find something else that he has drawn on. Lets go over his chosen canvas list.

Exercise Ball
Wall in Spare Room
Entertainment Cabinet
Coffee Table
And I know there is more that I haven't found yet!