Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daddy in training

Graydon loves Handy Manny. Nana found this at the Disney store and we had to get it. At our house it is not considered playing with dolls it is learning how to be a daddy! So here are some pictures of Graydon learning to be daddy with his new Handy Manny.

That look of frustration on Graydons face.

Calming the cryng Manny.

Walking with the baby may help.

Nap time or time out? Not sure.

More fun @ CC

Here are a few more pics from our Chuckie Cheese adventure!

More of Asher

Asher and Uncle Tyrel

Proud Grandparents

Aunt Brandy and cousin Graydon

Baby Asher snoozing

Wide-eyed baby boy

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chuckie Cheese

Tyrel, Nana, Graydon, and I met our bestfriends from back home at Chuckie Cheese while in Albq. We had no clue how much fun was in store for us.

Nana and Graydon

Daddy and Graydon

Graydon and Noah

Mommy and Graydon

Cheesin it up at Chuckie Cheese

Zoo and Aquarium

Of all the animals, Graydon saw this ball and was so excited.

We went on a hot day so all the animals were lazy and sleeping the day away.

Graydon fell asleep at the coolest part, this tiger was really fun to watch play.

Graydon loves to watch fish so of course he loved the aquarium. He would watch the fish swim by and ohh and aah it was so cute.

All Aboard!

Tyrel and I wanted to take Graydon to the zoo and aquarium while in Albq. New Mexico. The cool part was that we took a little 3/4 scale train to both of them. Graydon loves trains thanks to his buddy Caden, so this was really neat for him.

Asher Carl Vernon Giroux

Here are some pics of my precious new nephew. He was born at 1:27am on 7-21-08. He weighed in at 8.07 pds and was 21in long.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I took Graydon to the parade this morning. Tyrel was upset that he had to work and miss it so I took alot of pics to share.

"The Boys"
Our friend Clint on his hog!

Woodward float

Old time jail

HUGE front-end loader

Pastor Brett!

Caden and Cory working hard passing out water! Great work guys!

First of all let me explain the outfit! I dressed Graydon in his Red, White, and Blue outfit then told him to bring me his shoes. I thought he would get his blue crocs like he usually does but today he decided he wanted to wear his camo boots. I tried to put on the crocs but Graydon kept telling me "boots, boots" so he wore the boots. Anyway here he is enjoying the festivities!

Mommy's Helper

Last night Graydon decided he would help mommy load the dishwasher. He just climbed right up there!

Friday, July 18, 2008


We decided to take Graydon to the rodeo last night! We were so excited for him because last year he went and loved it. BUT this year was a little different. We met the Reid bunch around 6:45 for the free BBQ dinner than found some seats around 7:15. The little cowpokes were up first and were so cute. Graydon would clap and yell when he saw the kiddos on their sheep. The excitement didn't last long though and things went downhill quick. After about 30 minutes of Graydon screaming and fussing we decided it was time to go. That little stinker was happy as could be once we got him to the truck and in his carseat. Oh well there is always next year. (sorry no pictures, Kara and I both forgot our cameras)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Tuesday there was the Longhorn Cattle Drive down mainstreet so we took the kiddos. Here they are waiting patiently for the cows and cowboys to come. Silly Caden!
Oh we see them in the distance. Hey Graydon, other direction.

Yeah! The kids are so excited. They were all in a trance but Graydon, he was clapping away.

There they are.

Watch out!!!