Friday, July 9, 2010

Great Wolf Logic

GWLogic... relax, have fun, and wait 3 months to post any pictures! Hahaha. We took our first real family vacation back in late April. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.

Our Hotel

Our Room

Daddy and Graydon give it a two thumbs up!

Testing the bed

Graydon in the wolf den

Wiley dropped off a present for Graydon!
On a tour. This is at the Bear Paw Cafe

Family pic at Bear Paw Cafe

We climbed.....

and climbed.....

and climbed until.....
We reached the top!
Now for some games. This was the money maker! Graydon hit the jackpot like 3 times!

And who doesn't love a little ski-ball

Graydon has BIG dreams of driving a hotdog truck one day
I fully realize this pic is sideways but it was just too cute not to post. Waiting for storytime with Wiley.

Graydon meets Wiley!

Clocktower show was awesome!

More of clocktower show

It is a waterpark you know!

Beartrack Landing was HUGE

Graydon loves the water....As long as he is in control of the splashing!

Water war.... Daddy lost!

Going for a swim

Graydon and Wolfy

Time for crafts

After a few days of family fun, Graydon was TIRED!!!
We had such a great time at Great Wolf Lodge. This will probably be a vacation we repeat many times. I highly reccommend GWL for a family friendly vacation!