Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Wishes Hubbard Family

So I was driving home today and noticed the moving truck in front of the Hubbard home. Now I knew that they were moving but actually seeing the truck there brought a tear to my eye. This could be due to hormone overload (see previous post) or that I am really going to miss them. I think its both. Hilary you are such a strong and beautiful Christian woman. And Brent, well what can I say about Brent? You play a good Jesus. No but seriously you seem quiet at first but some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth cracks me up. You guys have great and wonderful kids that will be missed by so many. We will miss you guys and can't wait to see you when you come home to visit.

Pea in the Pod

Yes the rumors are true! Tyrel, Graydon, and I are excited to announce that we are expecting another baby blessing. We have known for awhile but were hesitant to tell. We also wanted it to be a Christmas suprise for my parents. We put Graydon in a white t-shirt that said "I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!" and waited for them to notice. Their reaction... excited of course.
Our expected due date is August 23rd. Yeah a summer full of being enormously large and uncomfortable. I can tell that this pregnancy is going to be completely different than with Graydon. With Graydon I was never sick, tired, abnormally hungry, achy, NOTHING. I am starving all the time, can't stand too long because my back will hurt, but can't sit too long because my back will hurt, long to sleep the day away but with a 2yr old that ain't happening, and nausua all day. So maybe this one is a girl? Anyway we are so excited!
We have had 2 appointments already and go in for routine bloodwork tomorrow. We will be able to hear the heartbeat in February sometime and the gender (if we so please) in April.
Thank you to those who have prayed for this baby and who continue to pray for our family.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

SS Scavenger Hunt

Our SS class had a scavenger hunt for our annual Christmas party. Oh my gosh it was so much fun!! Their were some crazy items on the list and here is the proof.

Human Pyramid / Team drinking pop at once.

Pic w/ Tony and Jeanette / Blue tongues

Pic w/ Elam family / Pic in front of waterfall

Pic w/ Walmart greeter / Out-of-state liscense plate (Texas)

Disposable coffee cup signed by employee

Caught in mid-air jumping off swing / Team going down slide

All under one umbrella / Spoons on nose

Pic w/ Brett and Brenda

Among other items on the list were... 1cent stamp, bank deposit slip, green lego, pen w/ advertisement, 1980 coin, yearbook of team member, receipt for 50cents worth of gas, Oklahoma postcard

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with the Reids

The boys opened their gifts so fast that I didn't get a chance to take pics of it, so here are some of them playing with their new toys.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

1st snow of 2008

These are some fun photos of our family playing in the first snowfall of 2008.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Trimming the tree

Here are the pictures of our little family trimming the tree. We all had so much fun and can't wait to do it again next year. Here are some of our favorite ornaments.

Graydon and his trains!!! The one on the right he colored himself.

Baby's 1st Christmas that has yet to have a picture in it.

My favorite because of all the detail on it. So pretty.

This one was handmade for Tyrel by a guy he used to work with in New Mexico.

My fave Willow Tree ornament.

Graydon decorating the tree.

He loved putting the ornaments on. He kept putting them all on the same branch though. It was too cute.

The final look.

Hunting Fiasco

So Tyrel, Shane, and I went hunting out on the Holloway Ranch. I think we all had a great time, I did anyway. I saw about 4 bucks but I didn't get to shoot them because I only had a doe permit. Darn the luck huh! The "fiasco" takes place when Tyrel picks me up from my hunting spot. It was dark and we found a hole. More like a ditch actually. And of course my truck isn't 4-wheel drive so we were stuck. We called the owner of the land, Mark Holloway, to pull us out. Here are some pics. Oh yeah and Graydon rode Stoney again!!!
No major damage just bent the underneath part.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nana is 29 again!

Happy Birthday to an amzing woman, my Mom! You have taught me so much and I want to share just a few...

* how to love unconditionally

*what it means to be a wife and mother

*how to be strong when things seem impossible to bear

*aside from Christ, family is most important

* how to be genuine and caring to others

*true friendship

Momma I love you so much!

6 Random Facts

I've been tagged--Six Random Facts about Me

1). I must ALWAYS sleep with socks on.

2). I was a liscensed EMT in New Mexico. I went 12hrs on the ambulance without a single call but went on vacation and literally almost ran into a guy who crashed his motorcycle. My mom had to swerve to miss his body in the street. He wasn't wearing a helmet lets leave it at that.

3). I met Tyrel on a blind date and didn't care for him much. Wow how things change right?

4). I was in Honors Choir in elementary school. This is something I am pretty proud of but Tyrel says that they let everyone in Honors Choir at that age.

5). I took 5 years of Spanish in school and still can't speak the language.

6). My hair used to be so light that the kids at school called me "Granny" and "Chlorox". Kids can be so cruel.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not a Friend Of Mine

Graydon's first visit with Santa did NOT go so well.

Graydon screaming!

Santa bribbing Graydon with candy!

Nope didn't work!

Crystal Christmas

Family trip to Crystal Christmas!

Hair Cut

So we couldn't take Graydon's hair any longer. The lady who usually cuts his hair was off for the holidays so we took matters into our own hands. Oh and thats ranch dressing on his face if you were wondering!



Crazy Cowboy

Apparently cowboys now wear their hats sideways and ride laundry baskets. Just in case you didn't know things have changed.