Friday, February 26, 2010

Let Me Tell You About A Family

I wrote this one year ago in honor of sweet baby Jaxx. And today as he is still very much alive in our hearts and the hearts of his family, I repost in honor of the massive effect he has had on so many around the world.

Let me tell you about a family...

Let me tell you about a father who gives his life to the Lord and has a true passion to share the gospel. He preaches about God's mercy and grace but finds himself broken and crying out to Jesus. Obtains his strength from Him to comfort so many in the midst of the storm.

Let me tell you about a mother who loves the Lord, her God, her Savior and praises Him in all things. She sheperds the lost both physically and spiritually and encourages them to keep their eyes focused on the cross. Enjoys pickles and chips at midnight this earthly angel.

Let me tell you about a sister, a mother of two and one heavenly baby. A strong-minded and strong-willed woman with a heart as big as the ocean. Without sleeping in days, she drives 4 hours to be by the side of her younger brother.

Let me tell you about a young father who has dreamt of his "lil huntin buddy". He stands in amazment of his perfect baby boy. But he doesn't realize the admiration and wonderment of those around him, what an incredible father he is. Heartsick and confused, he seeks the Great I Am for He is the healer of the broken.

Let me tell you about a young mother who holds her tiny miracle. Very much alive, she marvels in his beauty, for this is the baby she had prayed for. She lay there counting his fingers and toes and of course his sweet little nose. There at the cross is where she finds her hope and peace.

Let me tell you about a baby who at 22 wks gestation came into this world blessing the lives of so many. A true miracle wrapped in blue. 12 ounces of some of God's greatest work lay bundled in the arms of his loving parents. He has the hands of his daddy and his mommy's nose, and has captured the hearts of all in his presence. So now he rest in the arms of the Lord, never to feel the pain of this fallen world.

So let me tell you about a family, who in the midst of this hardship continue to praise their God for his unending mercy and grace. Larger than life is their faith and love for each other.

Love you guys,
Tyrel, Brandy, Graydon, and our own Heavenly Babies

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday

Graydon Wayne Pickard
2/9/07 4:35pm
8.05oz  20.5in

 Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

Never knew I could love someone so much in such little time. God blessed Tyrel and I with such an amazing son 3yrs ago. Our lives are truely changed by Him and him! So what is our
most amazing 3yr old up to these days??? Everything it seems but here is a short list:

•He loves to say "amens" and carries his Bible "bible study" around with him and most often you can find it snugly tucked in bed with him at night
• When asked he will tell you that Jesus lives in his heart, mouth, and sky
•He is polite and suprises his elders with his good manners
• He enjoys hunting outdoors AND indoors using his fishing pole as a rifle. And of course he goes for the trophy bucks
•In school he knows his colors (at home he only knows the color green), shapes, and is working on letters and numbers
• Likes to dance to "cowboy" Josh Turner (Why Dont We Just Dance)
•Has started to ride horses by himself both real and stick
•Moos at the cows while feeding in the feed truck and sometimes plays peek-a-boo with them
•He could quite possibly live off of chicken nuggetts and red chili crackers
•Has major issues with you, me, or anyone else touching his toes
•Like most boys, his favorite toys are monster trucks, trains, and racecars
•Says the most random things like "shake it like you're daddy"
•Thinks his momma is a beautiful princess and tells me so often
•Thinks his "daddio" hung the moon
• Yes Oh Yes he is sooo close to being potty trained too, mommy said by 3 and he was waiting till the last minute


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Relay for Life

This year I have decided to join a Relay For Life team. If you haven't heard about it, it's an annual event that raises money to help find a cure for cancer. Since my life has been affected by cancer (losing 3 great aunts) it's about time I get involved and raise money for a cure! I'm asking my family and friends to donate whatever they can to my RFL team, each member needs to raise $100+, we need $ for shirts, and a sponser of $250. If you can help in anyway please contact me asap!