Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

yes, I just celebrated my 25th birthday on the 20th of September. I had a great day that consisted of giving a Baby Signs(R) training at the Votec, going to the mainstreet festival with my family and the Reid's, and going out to dinner to JB's. The Reid's and Emily Arnett went to dinner with us and then we went back to Cory and Kara's house for some ROCK BAND!! Tyrel and Cory rocked out while I loved on baby Cole. I eventually sang on the mic and had a good time. Thank you to my family and friends for making my 25th a memorable one.

Tag I'm It

Kara tagged me with this 5things.

What was I doing 10yrs ago?
1. Just celebrating my 15th birthday.
2. I must have been in the 8th or 9th grade.
3. Probably playing volleyball.
4. Possibly trying out for the Highschool dive team (which only lasted 1 day because I was too scared to jump off the diving board!)
5. I could have been taking drivers ed even though I didn't start driving until my senior year in Highschool.

5 Things on my To Do list
1. Finish laundry
2. Dust the house
3. Clean bathrooms
4. Get ready for Awanas (iron Ty's shirt)
5. Find a babysitter for Saturday (disaster relief training at FBC) (anyone???)

5 Bad Habits
1. Biting my nails
2. Clinching my teeth
3. Interrupting others
4. Not dusting the ceiling fans (possibly my least fave house chore)
5. No Patience

The last 5 places I have lived
1. My house now
2. Apache Yard in a trailer when we first moved here
3. Another trailer w/ Huttons in the Apache Yard (2wks)
4. Farmington New Mexico
5. Aztec New Mexico for a few months (living in sin with Ty)

The last 5 jobs I have had
1. T.A. at HeadStart WWD
2. T.A. at HeadStart NM
3. Nurse Aide at assisted living facility (while going to EMT schooling)
4. T.A. at SJC Family Development Center (while going to school full-time and EMT schooling)
5. CNA at nursing home (worked night shift while going to highschool in the morning)

5 Things I am listening to
1. Wyatt barking outside
2. Computer humming
3. Myself typing
4. Tv in the background
5. Jimmy Needham on my blog

My 5 least favorite words
1. Ranch (mainly because Ty makes fun of how I say it)
2. NNNNO ( Graydon's fave word right now)
3. Warsh ( it's WASH people)
4. Shart ( lets just say its a word Ty and Shane use alot)
5. Synnonym ( I can neither spell nor say that stinkin word)

Websites I visit daily
1. Yahoo email
2. Yahoo email (Baby Signs(R))
3. Blogger
4. Baby Signs(R) Support
5. Online Banking

What I have eaten today
I don't even want to recap.

Now I tag my Mom, Ashley, and Tish

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nana's new ride

Let me give you a little background on my mom. She is a wonderful woman who has obsessions like the rest of us. For most women it is shopping for purses or shoes. Not my mom, she loves new cars. Not kidding she gets a new car every 1-2 years. This is the newest car she bought herself (ON MY BIRTHDAY). I wish I could say it was mine but I can't. maybe she will let me drive it sometime. Street race it like in the good ol days huh?
Nothing like a new car smell!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chicks dig Scars

Well Tyrel is home and healing from his recent hernia surgery. It was a two hour procedure that left him with about a 4 inch scar and not to mention allot of PAIN. The doctors were surprised to find two separate hernias on one side when they cut him open. Both were repaired with no complications.

On a lighter note... I was so kicking myself at the hospital when I realized I had forgotten my camera. There were definitely some blog-worthy moments. Lets recap... He got to wear a pretty lavender gown that of course opened in the back. It also hooked up to a vacuum looking thing that was actually a heater/ac. No kidding. It snapped into the gown and puffed up the gown making Tyrel look like the Michelin Man. Then after the surgery the doctors and nurses had to hold him down as he was trying to wake up from the anesthesia (he was trying to take off his O2 and IVs. But my favorite moment I missed. The nurse said that when he fully woke up, he sat straight up and said, "That's some good stuff!". It was sad afterwards watching him try to walk around. I told him he walked like an old geaser. He still does!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Photo

Graydon & Auntie Mary

Graydon on the dance floor bustin' out some smooth moves!

Safety First

Bubby found my safety goggles and had to wear them, only they were way to big for his tiny face.
The goggles just hung off his big ears.
So cute!

In the Cupboard

Thursday night, Graydon discovered exactly what was hidden in the cupboard. If you can't tell by the pics, he drug out the party plates and cups and had them everywhere.

Hunter's Safety

It is official!!! I have been trained in Hunter's Safety. I passed along with a few of my classmates, Ashley Allen, Bryton Rutledge, Colby Pool, and the Neilson Family. Congrats all of you, now lets go get Bambi!


Here are some updated pictures of my nephew asher. He is almost 2 months old already.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blog Summed Up

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slide Show

In order to hear the music that goes w/ the slide show, you must pause the music on my playlist. Playlist in on bottom right hand side of page.

So I got this idea from Tish. After seeing it I just had to add one to our blog. I got so emotional making this just seeing how much and how fast my life has changed. Moving to Oklahoma was not my idea of good time at first but I really feel like this is where God needs us to be. I mean look at how He has blessed my life. I have an amazing husband who gave me the most precious gift, Graydon. I could not imagine where I would be without them. I give all the glory and honor to God.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sand Box

While Tyrel and I got some bow practice in at Brett and Brenda's place, Graydon got to play in the sandbox. This really surprised us because he has a texture issue right now (getting much better). But he jumped right in and got to playing. I couldn't help but snap a few pic.

Bow Practice

Here I am getting some much needed bow practice. It must have worked because my mad skills are unbelievable. j/k

Uncle Nane helping Graydon shoot his bow.

OK Graydon is ready to go home.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I took some pics of my mom and Graydon at the Field Station this weekend. These two were my favorite.

These two my mom took. How handsome is this little man. How sad... he is a little man now no longer my baby but a big boy:(

Monday, September 1, 2008

He's Here He's Finally Here!!

Does this look like a woman who just gave birth to this precious baby? I don't know how you did it Kara but you looked great for just having a baby.

These are two of Coles favorite people I know it. Emily and I were so excited to meet the new little Reid. We are so proud of you Kara and can't wait to share in the life of Cole and watch him grow up with our kids.
Here is Cory and Cole posing with Cole's new outfit. It is an OU onesie that I know he will look adorable in!

And Graydon leaving the hospital with Thomas in tow.

Waiting Patiently

Here are pics of Reid boys waiting patiently at my house while mommy was at her Dr. appt. Little did we know that she was in labor. The boys did well. They played of course and ate yummy popcicles.

And here is Mommy NOT waiting patiently for Cole. Then there is Daddy who was positive she wasn't in labor. MEN what do they know.

New PJ's

Well our little boy finally grew out of his 12mth jammies. Here are his new big boy jams. He actually got 4 new pairs but these are by far the cutest.


Ok so this is kinda funny. I was bringing in the bag of dogfood when this happened. I opened the door with one hand and had the food positioned just right against the wall when of course the bottom of the bag gave way. It was so funny I almost fell over laughing. Funny until I realized I had to clean up 40 pounds of food. Has this happened to anyone else?